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Who We Are

Troop 28 is a very active troop.  We meet on Wednesday evenings from 6:30pm to 8:00pm.  During the school year, meetings are held at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church located at 45 First Avenue in Red Lion, PA.  During the summer months, meetings are held at a leader's house to allow the Scouts to practice their outdoor skills and do outside activities.  

Troop 28 is a Scout led Troop.  Scouts are involved in the planning and operation of the Troop.  The Scouts help plan the activities for the year during an annual planning meeting.  They talk and discuss where they could Camp, day trips, fun outings, and Summer Camp.  The most feasible and obtainable ideas are added to the troop calendar for the following year. The Scouts are responsible for planning and running their weekly meetings.  Scouts are expected to help pay their way so they are encouraged to participate in various Troop fundraisers.


What We Offer

Camping:  Troop 28 tries to schedule between 8 and 10 weekend camping trips per year.  These camping trips vary greatly in location and itinerary.  We have camped on a battleship and Liberty Ship.  We have hiked the Appalachian Trail through historic locations.  We have weekend camping trips to work on merit badges to help the Scouts advance their ranks and learn important life skills.  We have attended and camped at the US Military Academy at West Point NY, and the Gettysburg Battlefield, and believe it or not, we have camped just to have fun!  This only scratches the surface of the variety of camping trips we have taken and many adventures are in the works.


Summer Camp:  Troop 28 attends a week long summer camp every year, usually in early to mid-July.  We find that there are so many excellent camps that we have made a decision to not go to the same camp more than a few years in a row.  This allows the Scouts to experience a wide variety of programs which only enhances their scouting experience and gives them opportunities to try new things that may not be available if they attend the same camp their entire scouting career.

Activities:  Troop 28 encourages day and evening activities.  We have gone on evening hikes and mini golfed and of course eaten ice cream.  We annually attend the Veterans Day ceremonies at the Red Lion VFW.  The Troop has three NRA rifle instructors.  This is a benefit to the Scouts so they can learn safe firearm handling.  The instructors are also Range Safety Officers so the Troop can practice our firearm safety at a range.  We are always looking for the next BIG adventure and many more fun outings.


Training:  Troop 28 believes that training is required to help Scouts learn how to be leaders.  Therefore, the adult leaders conduct Boy Scouts of America Introduction to Youth Leadership Skills training annually.  Troop 28 also encourages Scouts to attend National Youth Leadership Training.


Service:  Troop 28 firmly believes that it is a Scout's responsibility to serve his fellow citizens.  As a Troop, we participate in many service projects including helping care for our Charter Organization's parsonage grounds; serving food to those less fortunate than ourselves; and help guide cars in the parking lot at a local museum.  We also encourage Scouts to perform service on their own.  Some of our Scouts have helped at museums; served as junior firefighters; and have served their younger Cub Scout friends by helping at day camps.

Uniform and Patch placement for troop 28


Shirt - Official shirt or official long- or short-sleeve uniform shirt with green shoulder loops on epaulets. Green shoulder loops identify Boy Scouting (all members of a troop).

  • Right Sleeve

    • U.S. flag emblem centered directly below shoulder seam. Only the most recently earned Journey to Excellence recognition may be worn below patrol emblem or below the National Honor Patrol star.

    • Musician badge, if in band or drum corps, is worn ½ inch below patrol emblem.

  • Left Sleeve

    • Council shoulder emblem, unit numeral, and veteran unit bar are worn as shown snug up, and touching each other.

    • On the official shirt, the badge of office is centered on the pocket, as shown. On the official uniform shirt, the badge of office is centered and touching the unit numeral, or centered 4 inches below the shoulder seam.

    • On the shirt, the Trained Leader emblem is centered as shown at the top of the pocket flap. On the official uniform shirt the veteran unit bar (25, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, or 80 years) is positioned above and touching troop numeral and in turn touching council emblem.

    • Den chief cord is worn over the left shoulder, under epaulet.

  • Right Pocket

    • Jamboree insignia (only one) worn above BSA or interpreter strip.

    • Order of the Arrow lodge insignia worn on pocket flap.

    • Temporary insignia worn centered on the pocket or hung from the button.

    • Nameplate, if worn, is centered above the BSA strip.

  • Left Pocket

    • Service stars are centered above the pocket, 3⁄4 inch from top point to top point and 3⁄8 inch from either the pocket or embroidered knots.

    • Embroidered square knots are worn centered above the pocket in rows of three.

    • Not more than five medals may be worn, pinned centered immediately above the pocket (extending over knots if both are worn).

    • The order of wearing knots and medals is at the wearer’s discretion; typically the medal or knot the wearer deems most important is worn to the wearer’s right.

    • Badges of rank are worn centered on the pocket above the Arrow of Light Award, as shown.

    • The World Crest emblem and Messengers of Peace ring are worn centered horizontally over the left pocket and vertically between the left shoulder seam and the top of the pocket.


Pants/Shorts - BSA - Official pants or official uniform pants or shorts; no cuffs. Troop 28 - olive, green, or tan cargo pants or shorts. No gym shorts.


Belt - BSA - Official Boy Scout web with BSA insignia on buckle; or official leather with international style buckle or buckle of your choice, worn only if voted by the troop. Members wear one of the belts chosen by vote of the troop. Troop 28 - Scout appropriate belt.


Socks - BSA - Official socks with official shorts or pants. (Long socks are optional with shorts.) Troops 28 - Any olive socks

Shoes - Leather or canvas, neat and clean

Merit Badge Sash - If worn, merit badges are attached to front (and back, if needed) of sash.

Headgear - All troop members must wear the headgear chosen by vote of the troop.

Neckwear - The troop may vote to wear a neckerchief, bolo tie, or no neckwear. The troop has the choice of wearing the neckerchief over the turned under collar or under the open collar. In any case, the collar should be unbuttoned and the shirt should be tucked in.

Other items considered to be part of the Scout’s uniform:

  • Boy Scout Handbook

  • Registration - Current membership card or temporary certificate on person

  • General Appearance meaning:

    • Good posture

    • Clean face and hands

    • Combed hair

    • Neatly dressed

    • Clean fingernails

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